Seckry Sevenstars

Forced out of his quiet village by the sinister Endrin corporation, Seckry moves to the daunting metropolis of Skyfall City, but soon makes friends and joins his school’s official Friction team.

Eiya Tacana

Found by Seckry in the headquarters of the Endrin corporation, Eiya’s past is uncertain. Even though she has lost her memory, she believes she has been a fan of Seckry’s favourite band, the Broken Motion, all her life.

Tenk Binko

Seckry’s unofficial tour guide for Skyfall City and life in general. Believes he has the school system worked out, and is ready to give Seckry his best survival tips. Once saw a girl dipping chips into a milkshake, and has been on the lookout for her ever since, claiming she is his soulmate.

Tippian Furst

Self taught computer whizz and walking Friction encyclopedia. Great inventor with a knack for hacking. Once kissed Mrs Flimbergloop at the Estergate annual ball by accident and knocked off her wonky toupee, mistaking her for his date (Alissen Himsworth has never spoken to him since.)

Loca Thumbsuckle

Team captain of the Eastern Eidolons Friction team. Takes no nonsense from anyone and tells it like it is, even to Tenk. She plans on one day reclaiming the Friction Mega Meltdown trophy after losing it three years ago to the Northern nightmare team.

Kimmy Kod

Son of the great Friction Legend Kolda Kod, Kimmy has a lot to live up to, and usually doesn’t. A quiet, subdued maths prodigy. Hopes to one day make his father proud.

Jonn Vance

Head of Science at the Estergate Institute of Higher Education and Seckry’s confidant in all things Endrin. With Seckry’s father missing, Vance proves a good, male role model for him to look up to.

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  1. SammyHKSmith says:

    I’m always one for supporting up-and-coming authors, as a fellow UK writer myself I wish you all the best. Thanks for the Twitter add and hope to speak soon.

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