Friction is Skyfall City’s most popular video game. Players enter a large pod each before play and the pod simulates their surroundings, allowing them to explore and interact with levels and arenas.

Players compete to collect items and eliminate each other from the game. Every year Skyfall City holds the Friction Mega Meltdown, a huge, stadium event where under 18s teams from each of the four partitions of the city compete for the prestigious Meltdown trophy.

When Seckry arrives in Skyfall City, he has never heard of Friction, but Tenk wastes no time in getting him up to speed. Luckily Seckry has been playing video games all his life, and he soon learns that he’s a natural.

With his team in place for his first Mega Meltdown, will Seckry be able to help them win the trophy back from the reigning Northern Nightmare?

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