The Trinity Awakening is Here!

Available Now!

This it it! The Trinity Awakening has arrived on Kindle!

Thanks again to all of you for your encouragement and support, you’ve been amazing :) I hope you enjoy the book! And please email me your thoughts on it – or even better, let the whole world know your thoughts by posting a review on Amazon :)


  1. simon says:

    Is there another book or is it just the two.

  2. Dylan says:

    I’m really disappointed as the book hasn’t come out in paperback and I’ve been waiting over 1 and a half months for it. I don’t have a kindle and that’s put me at a disadvantage because I desperately want to read it. Please can you let me know when it is out. Waiting in anticipation .

    • Joseph Evans says:

      Hi Dylan, I’m so sorry there’s such a delay on the paperback – I really thought it would be processed quicker than this, but the whole thing is a technical nightmare, and is currently out of my control. Keep an eye on the facebook fan page for immediate updates, I will post about it as soon as it becomes available. I’m hoping it’s going to be soon just as much as you. Thanks for being a fan, I really appreciate your patience!

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