Halloween fancy dress – last year’s costume

That’s right! At last year’s Halloween party I dressed up as Cloud Strife. It was an amazing party, and I was really happy with the way the outfit turned out. I decided to go with a mix of styles across all platforms that Cloud has appeared on – The main style was from Advent Children, with black instead of purple being the most predominant colour, but I prefer the shoulder protector he had in the original game so I made that instead. The thing is made of polystyrene with some chunky metal bolts stuck into it! You can’t see much of it from this pic but I wrapped white tape all around my buster sword to make it look like the Kingdom Hearts one. No idea what the purpose of that would be in real life but I always thought it looked cool :D The wig I had shipped over from China, and the goggles (Advent Children again) were just general swimming goggles!

If I go to another fancy dress party this Halloween I would love to do Squall. I think I’m more suited to Cloud in all fairness, Squall is taller. But I do already have a lionheart keychain to start me off. Got a feeling a gunblade might be a bit trickier than a buster though . . .

What do you think?

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